Non BetStop Pokies – Online Pokies not on BetStop

This is the most advanced list of non BetStop pokies. Find out the legit and safe casinos not on BetStop

Non BetStop pokies in Australia, what is it? In short, that’s what it sounds like! Non-Australian licensed pokies are simply pokies that accept Australian players but use a valid gambling license different from the one that can be obtained from the Australian Gambling Authority(ACMA). These gambling companies are not Australian and have no gambling breaks, such as BetStop. Otherwise, an Australian gambling license is required. On this page, you can find all the information about non-BetStop casinos in Australia.

Pokies without BetStop info:

  • Number of online pokies sites not on BetStop: 20+
  • Total Bonuses from non BetStop pokies: 30,000 AUD
  • Free spins from pokies not registered with BetStop: 1000+
  • Number of new casinos without BetStop: 5+
  • Licenses: Curaçao, Gibraltar,MGA.
  • Payment options from pokies not on BetStop: Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin, Zimpler, and Bank Transfers.
  • Tax-Free: YES

What are the non BetStop Pokies in Australia?

More and more people are choosing to play at pokies without a BetStop, for a good reason. Non-Australian licensed casinos do not have an Australian gaming license from the Australian Gaming Authority, but they have good international licenses such as his MGA of Malta.

Choosing the best pokies not on BetStop is essential for safe gaming and fair bonuses. You will find the best gambling sites with bonuses, exciting games, and everything you miss before the Australian BetStop’s introduction. 

How do Pokies without BetStop work in Australia?

The fact that the casino does not have an Australian license does not mean that it does not. A casino without an Australian permit can not operate in Australia unless it is actively targeting AU players. You can continue to accept players as customers.

Australian pokies not on BetStop have:

  • Chance to give multiple bonuses!
  • Not connected to BetStop, you can play in Australia even if you’re signed to BetStop.
  • Fewer restrictions on bets and offers.
  • You can deposit/withdraw via cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Can all Australians play pokies without BetStop?

No law says you cannot play at international casinos without an Australian license. However, it is the casino that must comply with the Australian rules.

How can I start playing online pokies without BetStop? Easy and safe if you choose a casino with an approved license. Today’s online casinos look almost the same, and you can recognize the layout and games even though they are foreign casinos.

To play safely at overseas casinos, verifying your identity with a driver’s license or passport is not uncommon. However, this only happens after registering an account with your username and email address.

We will take a step-by-step look at how to play at non BetStop pokies.

Step 1 – Choose the Best Pokies not on BetStop for You

Here you can find recommendations for unlicensed pokies in Australia, but choosing the one that suits you best is essential. Think about what bonuses and games you can get and whether you can play on both computer and mobile. Also, consider the possibility of playing at a Bitcoin casino.

Step 2 – Check if you can deposit funds with your preferred method

There are non-BetStop pokies offer deposit methods such as credit/debit cards and e-wallets, such as PayPal. Since you like paying online this way, this may feel like a safe and easy choice.

Step 3 – Register as a new player

Fill in the registration form provided by the casino. This is usually quick and easy. At this stage, there is little need to verify your identity. Also, it costs nothing to create a casino account this way.

Step 4 – Deposit and start playing.

You can deposit money when you have an account. At this point, you may have to to verify that you are the owner of a driver’s license or passport. You may need to do this first when withdrawing funds. After that, you can choose any payment method that allows you to deposit money into your casino account within 15 minutes, so you can start playing right away!

BetStop: What is BetStop, and What to do When you Regret Signing in?

If you regret registering to BetStop, non-licensed Australian casinos are an alternative. This may be your option if you accidentally take too long a break. Of course, it’s vital to consider this before testing.

Foreign pokies without an Australian license also have a loss limit system, but it does not work with Australian BetStop. That way, they won’t check how much you’ve played or say you might need to limit your deposit.

If you gamble at the casino while you’re using BetStop, it is crucial to understand that you are doing so at your own risk. There is no need to tell non-BetStop pokies that you’ve signed for self-exclusion. They don’t care, so they realize that even foreign online casinos can handle and use the tools available to control their games.

In Australia, a gambling break or stop is synonymous with the government’s gambling break service. The service is available on the ACMA website and works with the help of BetStop. If you set up a BetStop, all Australian licensed gambling sites will confirm and accept your wish. Unfortunately, this means you cannot play on Australian gaming sites while on BetStop.

What Exactly is BetStop?

BetStop is an attempt to help gamblers with gambling problems limit their gambling.

There are four breaks:

  • Three months
  • Six months
  • 12 months
  • lifetime self-exclusion

This tool has been inserted recently and is intended to help people at risk of gambling addiction. The idea is that by stopping his gambling online, he can deal with his situation and stop gambling.

However, people who take this break often do so because others have told them to. Also, there is no care and treatment system for those on suspension. And many have found themselves pausing unnecessarily for far too long.

The problem is that pausing the game cannot be undone. If you take three months, you cannot shorten the time. If you suspend play for 12 months, you must indicate when to cancel after 12 months. The suspension will still apply to all Australian licensed pokies, if you do not do this

Game interruptions have been criticized because it is impossible to shorten the time, and there is no more support for people who are genuinely struggling with gambling addiction. But if you regret signing to BetStop, you can play in casinos without BetStop. It’s that simple.

BetStop and ACMA

It is essential to understand that the BetStop Service is associated with ACMA. BetStop was launched in July 2022. It happened for various reasons. One of them wanted to create a safer gaming world online for Australians.

BetStop was developed to help casinos and players follow a standard system to control their gambling addiction better. Therefore, no Australian licensed casino can ignore BetStop.

Furthermore, BetStop stipulates that casinos cannot send information to players who have stopped playing. This reduces the risk of reverting to unhealthy behavior for players who should never be playing for money.

Can I Play at the non BetStop Pokies?

It’s OK to play non-BetStop pokies. Just select the appropriate option and play on mobile or computer. Of course, you can also play in another language, but you should be aware that bets are in another currency. 

How to stop playing at non BetStop pokies? 

If you want to stop placing bets at pokies not on BetStop, you should use the self-exclusion tool they offer. Contact support and ask for instructions on how to disconnect from the casino. There are both temporary and permanent bans. This depends on the unlicensed casino you are playing at.

Pros and Cons of non BetStop Pokies

Both have advantages and disadvantages. First, we’ll look at the benefits of online pokies not on BetStop.


  • no restrictions
  • no deposit and game limits
  • plenty of deposit methods such as Bitcoin
  • fast withdrawal times
  • bigger bonuses
  • a lot of free spins
  • anonymity
  • you can stop whenever you want


  • you don’t get the security with Australian laws
  • a lot of spam sites
  • you rely on your self-control only

What Bonuses do Australian Non BetStop Pokies Offer?

Australians commonly seek out new pokies not on BetStop because these gambling sites offer various bonuses. For example, they offer deposit bonuses on single and multiple deposits, and you can get no deposit bonuses like free spins.

We will look at some different types of bonuses that may be only available with foreign gambling sites…

Welcome Bonus

This is a bonus that all the AU pokies not on BetStop offer because it is crucial. You will receive this offer as a thank you for testing our gaming site. 

No Deposit Bonus

Sometimes there are no deposit bonuses – a reward you’ll receive without depositing money. The more you deposit, the more you get. You can get bonus money, free spins, and a combination of these offers.

Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is a bonus you get when you deposit to the site again. It can be a percentage or some spins to thank you for making a new deposit at the casino.

Free Spins

Free spins can occur in many different games or just a few games. It depends on the casino. However, it is widespread to receive free spins on slots from game makers such as NetEnt, Play n GO or Microgaming.

No Wagering Requirements Offer

Bonuses without wagering requirements are also available. However, it is mainly offered to regular guests through the VIP program, which means you receive the money from the casino for free and your winnings without any requirements. It is not common to give this kind of bonus to new players who have not yet shown their loyalty. 

Cashback Bonus

Cashback bonuses are typical on trustworthy non BetStop pokies. This is a refund of your total losses. This means, for example, that you get your deposit back if you don’t win a certain amount. It is essential to know that slightly different systems and cashback bonuses also have wagering requirements.

What Payment Methods are Accepted at the Best Non BetStop Pokies?

There are many different methods if you need to deposit to Australian pokies not on BetStop. Many are well known in Australia, but some are lesser known. For example, credit cards, prepaid cards, cryptocurrency, bank transfers, and electronic wallets can be used.


PayPal is an electronic wallet that allows you to create a free account and send money to and from the casino quickly and securely. The payment provider places high demands on its partners, so the ability of a casino to offer this payment method is a good sign of security.

VISA and Mastercard

These are the most widely accepted credit cards in the world. However, if you want to use your card to play reputable pokies not on BetStop, please activate your card for foreign payments.


Skrill is a well-established e-wallet. They were used by millions of users worldwide. For example, you can quickly set up an account online and top it up with a credit card. After that, it will take minutes to deposit into the casino without BetStop.


Neteller works much like Skrill and is often referred to similarly. This is a reputable and secure payment service accepted by many casinos. Please note that Skrill and Neteller payments may impose restrictions on casino bonuses at international casinos.


This is a value check that enhances the security of online payments. You can use Neosurf in pokies that are not on BetStop and avoid sharing your bank or credit card information.

Apple Pay

The Apple Pay app is available on Apple mobile phones. It’s fast, flexible, and very secure. It is common to use Apple Pay as a payment method at overseas casinos.


Some crypto casinos can accept deposits in several different cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, DOGE, etc. Encryption is fast and means complete anonymity of your transactions. This is why this option is the best way to use at all non BetStop pokies.

What Kind of Withdrawals are Available at the Best Non BetStop Pokies?

You can withdraw the same way you deposit at pokies that are not registered with BetStop. Credit cards and prepaid cards are eligible. For many people, withdrawals using e-wallets are very convenient as they are fast and secure.

It may also be relevant to make withdrawals using direct bank transfers. This could be a viable option if you don’t mind waiting a few days for your withdrawal.

What Licenses do the Legit Non BetStop Pokies Have?

There are several different licenses that foreign casinos use. Some examples are:

MGA license

The Malta Gaming Authority licenses the MGA. Many new casinos without an Australian license have an MGA, which is good. The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is based in an EU member state. A grant from Malta is, therefore, equivalent to an EU license.

Curacao license

Curacao is a small island nation in the Caribbean Sea that licenses its online casinos. This is a non-EEA license and does not offer tax-exempt winnings. Curacao isn’t as strict as the MGA, but it’s a severe license. Bitcoin casinos and non BetStop betting sites often have this license. 

GSC – Isle of Man License

The Isle of Man lies in the sea between England and Ireland. They are licensed online casinos. This is a stable and reputable license. But, first of all, it is costly. This means that only reputable casino operators apply.

Gibraltar license

Gibraltar licenses from the Strait between Spain and Africa are also standard in online casinos. However, as this is a British territory, Gibraltar is not EU licensed even though it is on the same land as Spain.

The Difference Between Australian licensed and Pokies not on BetStop

Casinos with an Australian license in 2022 will have to comply with all Australian regulations. You also need to keep up with the latest information that can affect everything from bonuses to marketing. Additionally, taxes must be paid to the Australian state on all bets received from AU players.

The main difference between online pokies with and without BetStop is the strict rules Australian casinos must adhere to. These are especially noticeable for you as a player because there are no big bonuses. Also, the Australian license only applies to Australian gambling sites. Other countries do not accept it, as is the case with licenses such as the MGA and Curacao, which are international gambling licenses.

Are Pokies not on BetStop Safe?

How can you tell if an unlicensed Australian casino is safe? First, you need to check which license it has. Next, you can find out how secure it is to play at a casino. The safety of unlicensed pokies in Australia is often reflected in their support. A positive response shows that you care deeply about your player’s safety and comfort. 

Of course, the games offered in legit non-BetStop pokies are often the same as those found in Australian casinos. Slots are not restricted by ACMA but are controlled by RNG or random number generator. This means you don’t have to worry about scams, as games are often from game makers such as NetEnt or Play n GO.

Non BetStop Pokies FAQ

Can I play pokies not on BetStop in Australia? 

Yes. Numerous trusted AU pokies are not signed with BetStop.

Do I have to pay tax on winnings if I play pokies without BetStop?

No. You don’t have to pay any tax while playing at the best pokies not on BetStop.

I banned myself from – can I still play?

Not at pokies licensed in Australia. However, visiting non-BetStop slots that still accept Australian players is OK.

Is it safe to play at online slots not on BetStop?

Before you start playing at some gambling site, we recommend checking its safety. Unfortunately, not all foreign casinos are the same. The licenses they hold affect the safety and fairness of gambling on their sites. The Curacao License is an example of an excellent permit that shows that it is safe to play at casinos without a BetStop. 

Which casino does not have BetStop?

You can quickly check if the casino is Australian licensed. Sites that do not have an AU online gambling license do not have links to BetStop.

Are USA-based pokies not on BetStop?

Some of the best and most trustworthy non BetStop pokies are USA based, which means they target US players. Check our casino guide for more information.

Is it legal to play pokies not registered with BetStop?

It is legal to play at any casino. You only need to check if you have to pay taxes on your winnings. This depends on the casino’s license and the countries and markets it serves.

Can I deposit with a debit card?

If you have a payment card such as VISA or MasterCard, as long as it accepts cross-border payments, you should be fine.

What currency can I use at non BetStop pokies? 

The most common currencies are AUD, USD, EUR, and GBP. 

Can I trust online pokies that are not on BetStop?

The answer to this question is not so simple. Of course, it all depends on which gambling site you choose, and we list some casinos with good feedback.