For those who love to bet on sports, there are many great sportsbooks where you can gamble online. In addition, non BetStop betting sites are a good choice for you.

Australian unlicensed sportsbooks offer many great perks, including bonuses and VIP programs. But as always, choosing the right one is essential. So let us help you find the best non BetStop betting sites, so you don’t have to guess!

List of Non BetStop Betting Sites

New Non BetStop Betting Sites
accept players from:
βœ… non-BetStop

πŸ’° $15,000+ in bonuses

Non BetStop Betting With Credit Cards
accept players from:
βœ… non-BetStop

πŸ’³ all credit cards accepted

Non BetStop Betting Bonuses
accept players from:
βœ… non-BetStop

🎁 $30,000 in bonuses

Non BetStop Bitcoin Betting
accept players from:
βœ… non-BetStop

⚑instant withdrawals

Betting Sites without BetStop info:

  • Number of betting sites not on BetStop: 20+
  • Total Bonuses from non BetStop bookmakers: 15,000+ AUD
  • Free bets from sports betting sites not registered with BetStop: 1000+ AUD
  • Number of new sports betting sites without BetStop: 5+
  • Licenses: CuraΓ§ao, Gibraltar,MGA.
  • Payment options from non BetStop bookmakers: Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin, Zimpler, and Bank Transfers.
  • Tax-Free: YES

What is gambling without BetStop?

Since 2022, we have BetStop in Australia to regulate online gambling. Game operators wishing to offer Australian games and online betting must obtain this license. BetStop has both advantages and disadvantages. 

However, those who are tired of the restrictions of betting with an Australian license can choose to gamble without a BetStop feature. Unfortunately, this kind of gambling is not the same. That means the sportsbook does not have an AU license. The good news is that you can still place your bets in your favorite currencies like AUD and USD.

The rules apply to foreign sports betting without a BetStop, depending on the site’s license.

Various types of betting without BetStop

Non BetStop betting is very similar to the Australian variant – after all, it’s all about betting on a particular event and getting it right. This is the basics of betting, but subtle variations depend on your bet.

Some examples are:

Sports Betting

This is a common form for any Australian betting site. There are various options for how the game progresses. If the site you are playing on has AU license, all instructions are clear, and you may even be able to watch sports events while you bet on Australian TV channels.

Sports Betting on Non BetStop Betting Sites in Australia

If you choose sports betting without BetStop, you are playing on a non-Australian licensed site on a server in another country. It could be a betting site with a Maltese license or possibly a UK license. Some major betting sites don’t mind getting an Australian license and are entirely legal for Australian players.

Live Betting

Live betting means betting on ongoing events. A bet is usually made before the game starts. Live betting lets you bet on what will happen in the next half or 15 minutes. Live betting is exciting and fast, perfect for sportsbooks that also offer live streaming of events wagered through the same portal.

Popular Sports

Today you can bet on many popular sports. Like in Australia, sports such as soccer, Aussie rules, and tennis are prevalent in foreign sports betting. Interestingly, international bookmakers not on BetStop can also play big sports in other countries, such as horse racing and American football.

You can also find these sports on Australian betting sites, but not when betting on other country-focused international sitesβ€”access more events like never before. 

Virtual Sports

Virtual sports are becoming more and more popular. Here you can see different types of events. For example, esports betting like CS:GO or Dota2. Australian non-BetStop sports betting includes the same competitions that can be entered through the Australian website.

Virtual sports can be any sporting event that is fully structured and exists virtually only on screen.

Pros and Cons of Betting Sites not on BetStop

There are good reasons why many people are looking for unlicensed overseas sportsbooks. The pros are many, but we’ll also cover the cons, so you know what you’re getting!

Advantages of gambling without BetStop:

  • Better bonuses – Not just one bonus, which is standard for Australian betting sites. Unlicensed betting sites offer as many offers as they want. Plus, they offer even more play. Regarding WC, EC, etc., we can also create very profitable and unique bonus promotions. 
  • A more comprehensive range of odds – It is widespread for non-Australian betting sites to offer a broader range of odds, markets, and sports. We can provide you with better options and make your betting more exciting.
  • Less strict rules – You don’t have to adhere to ACMA rules, such as that you can’t deposit more than acceptable per week. This does not apply to licensed betting sites outside of Australia. Much more freedom, especially if there are no deposit limits!
  • Welcome bonus – Receive a welcome bonus! Only one. Betting bonuses are not always guaranteed on Australian betting sites that also have casinos. Because if you receive a welcome bonus from a casino site, you will not receive a bonus for sports betting from the same operator.
  • Risk-free gambling – Playing a sportsbook without a license does not pose much risk! It is perfectly legal and risk-free as far as legality is concerned as long as you choose a gambling site that does not cater to AU players. Gambling is available.
  • Increased Odds – Overseas bookmakers are free to create campaigns that can suddenly increase odds to make you bigger.
  • Cashback – Even if you don’t win anything, you can still get a bonus, which means cashback.

Disadvantages of Non BetStop Betting Sites

The sun also has spots, and you should know the disadvantages of playing on foreign betting sites without BetStop.

  • Different currencies – playing in foreign currencies means some things that are considered downsides. Of course, in some cases, there may be additional costs if the AUD needs to be exchanged for another currency. And partly, maybe they don’t understand the value of the money they make in the USD, or he spends more money on the game than he thinks, even looking at his bets in the EUR may not notice.
  • You can’t get the game without an account – you cannot play on overseas sites with bankID without an account. You will be asked to register as a new player on the site. Filling out the form is easy but can be tedious for those used to the Australian system.
  • You may also be required to prove your identity with a copy of your passport or another form of identification. Creating an account or withdrawing winnings from sports betting can take some time.

How to Start Betting not on BetStop

How can I start playing on a betting site not on BetStop? Everything may seem complicated if you have never played on a foreign site. But luckily, that is not the case. If you decide to play a sportsbook without a license, you must be aware of what you need to do to be safe and make good bets.

How to do it step by step:

Step 1 β€“ Choose a Non BetStop Betting Site

This is a step that may take some time. Part of the reason is that there are quite a few betting sites to choose from, and you have to worry about payment methods and currency. Think about what works for you and read reviews to better understand ​​the site.

Avoid blacklisted foreign bookmakers that offer poor terms and can put you at significant risk!

Step 2 – Register as a Player

Create your account now. No cost. You can enter your name, email address, etc., in the form. Pretending nothing is essential here. You cannot verify your account and contact the game site if you choose an unused email address.

Step 3 – Deposit and get your bonus from a Non BetStop Site

You can deposit money when you have an account. Do this using the method that works best for you. You can start playing on the same day or later, depending on how long it takes for the money to be credited to your account. If you have received a pre-deposit bonus, you may be able to start playing even if the money has not arrived in your gaming account. 

Step 4 – Start betting!

Once you have your money and bonuses ready, betting is time. If you know how to bet, you know what to do. But if you’re a beginner, it’s a good idea to check the guide first to ensure you’re doing the right thing before clicking on a bet and hoping for the best possible outcome.

Payment Methods at Betting Sites not on BetStop

Credit Card – VISA and MasterCard are the most common. These cards work internationally and also work on online gaming sites not on BetStop. However, you should check if your card supports international payments. Otherwise, you cannot use it to transfer money to foreign sportsbooks.

E-wallets β€“ E-wallets are virtual wallets that can be created online using services such as Neteller, Skrill, and PayPal. Send money to this virtual account by credit card or bank transfer. You can then pay by specifying the e-wallet to use and its email address.

A significant advantage of using e-wallets to pay on non BetStop betting sites is that they are fast. Funding your gaming account in less than 15 minutes and withdrawing your winnings from gaming sites is just as quick and easy.

Paysafecard β€“ This is a popular preloaded card used with online gambling sites. Load the card with the amount you want to bet on your bet and enter the card’s code at the betting site’s cashier. This is not only safe in the sense that gambling sites do not receive information about your bank account or credit card. In addition, prepaid cards help you stick to your gaming budget.

Cryptocurrencies β€“ You can also find Bitcoin sports betting and betting sites that accept various cryptocurrencies. There are many variations here. For example, you can gamble on crypto-only betting sites that only accept crypto as payment. There are also mixed sites where you can deposit using fiat or crypto and choose another withdrawal form.

Zimpler β€“ Zimpler is a payment service that works with bank transfers and card payments. It’s not as common as credit cards on gambling sites not on BetStop, but it could be a good choice for Australian players if possible.

How do I find the best betting sites not on BetStop?

You can always check our suggestions for the best betting sites not on BetStop. Then it wouldn’t be so stupid to see some stories about unauthorized betting on Reddit and similar forums. Also, look at international reviews to learn more about a particular sportsbook and know if it’s a good choice for you.

You can gamble on non BetStop betting sites. Therefore, the only important thing to know is which strictly non-AU-licensed sportsbook to choose.

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